The initial ANAPRC Board of Directors volunteered to develop and adopt a set of Bylaws, and to apply for membership to the CPA. In February 2015, February 2016, and February 2017 the ANAPRC members elected a new Board of Directors to a one-year term during their General Assembly Meeting.

The Board of Directors (2017):

  • Christian Vande Velde, President
  • Ian Boswell of Team Sky
  • Brent Bookwalter of BMC
  • Kiel Riejnen of Trek-Segafredo
  • Tyler Farrar of Dimension Data
  • Alex Howes of Cannondale
  • Chris Jones of UnitedHealthcare
  • Michael Carcaise, Executive Director (ex-officio member)
  • Michael J. Laszlo, Esq., Secretary-Treasurer (ex-officio member)

The Advisory Board (2017):

  • Walter Palmer
  • Lucas Euser
  • Ted King
  • Tim Johnson



Membership is open to retired and active riders from the top divisions of men's road cycling (WorldTour and ProContinental). Contact to learn how to apply for membership.


In August 2014 the CPA granted €20'000 to the ANAPRC for startup expenses. Since ANAPRC's launch its members have paid over $19,000 USD of member dues.


The ANAPRC is not a full-service athletes union for North American road cyclists, or any other discipline of cyclists. The ANAPRC is currently a vehicle through which USA and Canada riders can participate in the CPA--the organization representing them at the highest level of pro cycling governance. Based on a survey of its members, ANAPRC will immediately focus on the following issues:

  1. Extreme Weather Protocol 
    • In December 2014 & January 2015 ANAPRC's ad hoc task force consisting of team medical personnel, directeurs sportif, race organizers, and riders (retired and active) generated a proposal for a protocol to manage race cancellation/re-route/neutralization in extreme, unsafe weather conditions
    • the CPA introduced the protocol plan to the UCI Pro Cycling Council, and the UCI subsequently created a working group which generated an Extreme Weather Protocol pilot program that was tested at the 2015 Giro and Dauphine
    • the UCI's Extreme Weather Protocol was entered to the UCI Regulations for the 2016 season for all WorldTour and HC races
    • ANAPRC will lobby for a threshold temperature to be established which, combined with precipitation, would automatically trigger the race organization to cancel, re-route, reduce in length, or neutralize the course
  2. Full Membership in the CPA 
    • the addition of the North American seat on the Steering Committee must be the beginning of a period of expansion for the CPA
    • ANAPRC has joined as the 8th member association on the Steering Committee; the other 7 associations are from Continental Europe and have been a part of the CPA since its formation in the early 2000s
    • the 8 member associations of the CPA do not fully represent the globalized professional peloton
    • the CPA must establish representation on the Steering Committee for every rider in the peloton
    • during the 2015 and 2016 season ANAPRC recruited riders from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovaka, Poland and others to organize new associations and join the CPA Steering Committee
  3. Race Safety in the final kilometers
    • ANAPRC Exec Director Michael Carcaise was one of two lead authors of the CPA Security Plan, which was formally proposed to UCI commissions throughout 2016
    • in April 2017 the UCI unveiled its WorldTour Specifications for Organisers which incorporated many key features of the CPA Security Plan
    • ANAPRC will now lobby for all race organizers at every level to adopt the safety protocols contained in the WorldTour Specifciations for Organisers
  4. Increase the stability of teams
    • ANAPRC supports the efforts by teams, races, and the UCI to increase the stability of professional team structures
    • ANAPRC supports efforts to establish new revenue streams and modernize the presentation of our sport to audiences