The CPA is currently an "association of associations" but the CPA Bylaws (see bottom of this page for more about the Bylaws) allow for individual riders to be members as well. Today the only members are 7 national associations + 1 supranational association. National riders unions from 7 continental European nations (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland) have been members since the CPA was formed in the early 2000s. In 2014 riders from the United States and Canada applied for and successfully established a supranational association and a new seat on the CPA's Steering Committee representing North America. Riders from Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, and Africa are in the process of establishing seats at the CPA now.


The CPA's primary activities are:


The CPA has two funding sources for its operational expenses:

(1) a 2% levy on the prize purses of all international men's road races (approximately €200'000 per year)

(2) an annual grant of €80'000 from the UCI WorldTour


The CPA is primarily operated by three officers: a President, Vice-President, and the Secretary General. The officers carry-out the agenda set forth by the Comité Directeur (Steering Committee). Members of the Steering Committee include:

  • CPA Officers
    • Gianni Bugno (ITA), President of CPA, commercial helicopter pilot
    • Pascal Chanteur (FRA), Vice-President of CPA, President of UNCP (French riders union)
    • David Chassot (SUI), Secretary General of CPA, President of UNCS (Swiss riders union), Manager of BMC MTB Team
    • Federico Scaglia (ITA), Legal Officer of CPA, attorney with offices in Milano
  • UNCP (France) Delegates:
    • Xavier Jan
    • Jean Cucherat
    • Pascal Chanteur (see above)
  • VVBW (NED) Delegates
  • UNCS (Switzerland) Delegates
    • Rocco Taminelli, attorney with offices in Lugano
    • David Chassot (see above)
  • ACCPI (Italy) Delegates
  • APCP (Portugal) Delegate: Joaquim Andrade 
  • ACP (Spain) Delegates:
  • ACV SPORTA (Belgium) Delegate: Stijn Boeykens, attorney
  • ANAPRC (North America) Delegates:
  • Great Britian & Ireland Delegate: Ben Greetham
  • Australia: Adam Hansen
  • Scandinavia: Brian Vandborg
  • Germany, Austria, Luxembourg: Paul Voss
  • Poland: Bartosz Huzarski
  • Slovakia & Czech Republic: Branislav Kvetan



  • Membership Eligibility -- Art. 3
    • national and supranational associations of professional cyclists
    • L'association Cyclistes Féminines de Haut Niveau
    • individually, all professional cyclists riding under contract with a UCI-registered team, and not already represented by a member association (such as a national or supranational association)
  • Admission to the CPA - Art. 4
    • the Steering Committee (see Art. 15 & 16 below) reviews applications for admission
    • if applications are approved, the General Assembly votes on whether to admit membership to the CPA
  • General Assembly Meeting -- Art. 9
    • the GA is the Supreme Body of the CPA
    • the GA meets once per year
  • Powers/Duties of the General Assembly -- Art. 10
    • election of the CPA President
    • approval of the independent auditor's report on financial accounts
    • development and approval of the CPA's future activities and programs
  • Quorum & Voting of the General Assembly -- Art. 11
    • the GA meeting is validly constituted regardless of the number of members who attend
    • simple majority vote on most matters
    • member associations have a number of votes equal to the number of their members
    • each individual member of the CPA (unrepresented by a member association) is entitled to one vote
  • The Steering Committee Composition -- Art. 15
    • the SC is composed of
      • the CPA President (currently Gianni Bugno)
      • one representative of each member association
      • the UCI Athletes Representative (currently Bobbie Traksel)
  • Powers/Duties of the Steering Committee -- Art. 16
    • appoints the Secretary General of the CPA
    • hires CPA staff and fixes compensation
    • manages and administers the CPA, is authorized to act on behalf of the CPA
    • convenes the General Assembly and verifies the execution of decisions approved by the General Assembly
    • develops and submits to the General Assembly for approval:
      • the profit/loss account and balance sheet of each financial year
      • the proposed program and budget for the following year
  • President -- Art. 22
    • the President is elected for a 4-year term
    • he/she may be re-elected
    • the President chairs the General Assembly meeting and the Steering Committee meetings
    • in his/her absence, the Vice President or Seretary General replaces the President
  • Financial Control -- Art. 24
    • an independent auditor, based in Switzerland, shall annually prepare a report of the CPA's accounts and submit the report to the General Assembly