The UCI's Extreme Weather Protocol came into force as a UCI Regulation (Article 2.2.029) on 1 January, 2016. The rule was modified on 1 March 2016.

When is the Protocol used?

According to Art. 2.2.029, all WorldTour and HC races must apply the Protocol when extreme conditions are forecast. All other road cycling events are "equally recommended to refer to the procedures set out in the Extreme Weather Protocol when appropriate." The extreme weather conditions and/or forecasts that can trigger the Protocol include:

  • Freezing rain
  • Snow accumulation of the road
  • Strong winds
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Poor visibility
  • Air pollution

How does the Protocol work?

When extreme weather conditions are anticipated prior to the start of a race a compulsory meeting is convened between stakeholders, including:

  • President of the UCI Commissaires Panel
  • Organizer's representatives:
    • Race Director
    • Race Doctor
    • Chief of Security
  • a riders' representative designated by the CPA
  • a representative for the teams designated by the AIGCP

Depending on the conditions, the following actions may be taken:

  • No action
  • Modification of the start venue
  • Modification of the start time
  • Modification of the finish venue
  • Use of an alternative course
  • Neutralization of a section of the race
  • Cancellation of the race

The Extreme Weather Protocol is without prejudice to the responsibility of the organizer as per UCI Regulations Art. 1.2.032 and Art. 1.2.035, which include the words:

The organiser shall be entirely and exclusively responsible for the organisation of his race, with respect both to compliance with UCI regulations and to the administrative, financial and legal aspects. The organiser alone shall be responsible to the authorities, participants, attendants, officials and spectators...The organiser shall take whatever safety measures caution demands. The organiser shall ensure that the race may take place under the best material conditions for all parties concerned, riders, attendants, officials, commissaires, journalists, security services, medical services, sponsors, the public, etc.

Who will represent the riders in the Extreme Weather Protocol meeting?

If a CPA delegate is present at the race, he or she will represent the riders. However, the CPA can send delegates to only a few races each year (usually WorldTour events). Most often there will be no CPA Delegate present and a rider participating in the race will serve as representative of the peloton. Make sure you are on the CPA's e-mail distribution list to receive notifications of the identity of the CPA Delegate or the rider representative for upcoming races.