Download the full 2013 Joint Agreement document here.

Every two years a new "Accord Paritaire" ("Joint Agreement") is signed by the CPA (the riders union) and the AIGCP (the association of WorldTour and ProContinental cycling teams). The Agreement that took effect in 2013 was negotiated and signed by Jonathan Vaughters (on behalf of the teams) and Gianni Bugno (on behalf of the riders). The next Agreement is being negotiated by Iwan Spekenbrink (President of AIGCP) and Gianni Bugno (President of CPA). The previous agreement that took effect in 2013 will remain in force until a new agreement is made.

A summary of key features of the 2013 Joint Agreement

  • Minimum Salary (Art. 10)
    • ProTeam -- €36,300
    • ProContinental -- €30,250
  • Non-Salary Benefits teams must provide to every rider (certain exclusions apply, see the source document)
    • pension plan (Art. 22.3.2) -- team must pay (exclusive of the rider's salary) an annual contribution representing at least 12% of the annual gross salary
    • health insurance (Art. 22.3.1) -- providing an amount of € 100’000 per year of expenses concerning doctor and medicine
    • life insurance (Art. 23.1) -- in case of death of the rider, payment of € 100’000 to parties named by the rider
    • disability insurance (Art. 23.2) -- payment of € 250’000 to the rider in the case of total and permanent disability of the rider due to an accident
    • hospitalization insurance (23.3.a) -- hospitalization expenses for an amount of € 100’000 per disaster
    • repatriation insurance (23.3.b) -- repatriation expenses of the rider for medical reasons or in case of decease during professional trips
  • Notice of non-renewal (Art. 9)
    • Before 30 September prior to the end of the contract, if the contract has not already been renewed, each party shall inform the other in writing of their intentions as regards any renewal of the contract
    • A copy of this document shall be sent to the CPA
  • Vacation (Art. 17)
    • The rider shall be entitled to minimum of 35 vacation days per year

  • Annual riders meeting with the CPA (Art. 18)
    • Once a year, the rider has the duty to attend the annual general meeting and the meetings convened by the CPA and its member organisations. The team shall exercise no pressure or constraint on the rider to dissuade him from attending.